Hi there!

Thanks for taking a look around my site. I hope you’ve gotten a good idea about what I do and how I do it. But as with any professional relationship, I’m sure you want to know a bit more about who you’ll be working with.

My spouse’s job has taken us overseas for a bit, where we’ve been lucky enough to experience life in the United Kingdom**. I love fiction and novels, BBC television (any Sherlock fans?), historic houses, hot cups of tea, and travel. I read voraciously: historical fiction, biographies, the newspaper, billboards, advertisements, the back of the cereal box, old acquaintances’ angry Facebook rants—you name it, I can’t help but read it. This lifelong love of the written word, while hugely fulfilling personally, has also been, in actuality, decades of practice in spotting errors.

So be kind and feed my word addiction! 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you.

— Kelly

** I’m based in the United Kingdom, which is in Greenwich Mean Time and 5-8 hours ahead of the United States. However, I’m available via email until the end of the US workday. If you send an email at 11:00 pm EST, there might be a slight delay in responding—after all, I need sleep too! But send that same email at 11:00 pm PST? I’ll probably already be at my computer. One benefit of the time difference is that I can be hard at work on your transcripts while you’re still asleep. Do you know what’s almost as good as your first coffee of the day? Opening your inbox in the morning to see your proofed work already returned!