Need a second set of eyes to make sure your readers are enraptured by your prose instead of distracted by errors, inconsistencies, or repetitions? Whether it’s basic proofreading you need or more intensive editing, I can work with you to make sure your work gets the admiration and audience it deserves.

Rates & Editing Services

Preferences & References

There’s nothing I love more than the written word. Let me bring my passion and attention to detail to your project. I promise to respect your vision and your writing. Have more sentence fragments than James Joyce? Or more purposefully miswritten patois than Mark Twain? Or simply don’t like an edit I’ve suggested? No problem. This is about bringing your vision to life. All edits will be made according to your preferences and subject to your approval.

I can use whichever style guide you prefer.

Need more convincing?

I offer new clients a free consultation on the first 15 pages. The benefit of this is threefold: it will give me a good idea of what needs to be done, it will give you the opportunity to consider my suggestions and annotations, and both of us can see if we’d be a good fit.

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