Here are some points to consider:
  • Hiring a proofreader saves you time. All of those hours you might have spent painstakingly going over a text, you can be out there doing what you do best. Don’t get bogged down in proofreading your old work when you could be taking on new work. Earning more money. Meeting new clients. Outsource the fiddly stuff… to me!
  • Proofreading is like the grown-up buddy system. Have a long deposition/lengthy novel and a tight deadline? You can be polishing up pages 75-125 while I’m hard at work proofing pages 1-74. By collaborating, you can be sure to meet those tough deadlines… without pulling all-nighters. You can also be sure that just because you have a rush job, you don’t turn in rushed work. I’ll be there with you the whole way, catching things you might have missed.
  • I’m divorced from the text. While you’ve spent hours with this text, rendering the spoken word into something readable, checking audio, brainstorming character trajectories, or reworking tricky paragraphs, I’ve never seen it before. Everything is new to me. That also means that every mistake jumps off the page. I have no idea what the next sentence holds and no preconceptions about what it should say. That means my eyes are more able to catch the tricky stuff.
  • No matter how great spell check is, it’s never going to be as good as a human being—just like you. No matter how advanced audio recordings or computer algorithms get, nothing surpasses the material you can produce. Likewise, no computer proofreading software is ever going to be as good as a human proofreader.
  • You want your work to be the best. Your clients want your work to be the best. And you know what gets you more clients? Excellent work. By hiring a proofreader, you can rest assured that your work will be excellent every time. And if you consistently produce excellent work, people are going to take notice.